Databook ESG, Financial & Operational Results

What is it?

An Excel data file containing financial, operational, and sustainability indicators of a company for the current period (quarter, half-year, or full year) as well as previous periods. A Databook serves as a convenient compilation of a company’s key quantitative data prepared for the convenience of investors, analysts, and auditors.

A Databook enables you to:01
Quickly and systematically gather data within the company
Utilise consistent calculation methodologies
Promptly publish data in a convenient format
Instantly sort, filter, and analyse indicators
Use indicators for press releases and presentations, interactions with the media, and responses to inquiries
Provide data to auditors and verification organisations
Comment on figures and link them to explanatory texts
Reduce the volume of annual reports and sustainability reports by including only the most important indicators while transferring everything else to the Databook
Link data to disclosure standards
What can be included in a Databook?02
Operational and financial outcomes
Sustainable development indicators
Comments and descriptions of methodologies, as well as any other supporting information
GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) and SASB (Sustainability Accounting Standards Board) data, along with other non-financial disclosure standards data
Hyperlinks to relevant reports or sections of the website
We specialise in:03
Developing databooks tailored to the specific needs of individual companies and their stakeholders
Assisting in the selection of optimal indicator sets
Offering calculation methodologies compliant with disclosure standards
Providing markups according to GRI, SASB, and other disclosure standards
Our advantages04
23 years of experience working with data analysis and publication tools
Understanding of regulations and standards for disclosing financial and non-financial information
Ability to combine the client team’s efforts with those of the Fanda team
Fully transparent process for client benefit
Opportunity for seamless integration of data and their visualisation into annual and sustainability reports
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