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Website and owner

All rights to this electronic information resource (hereinafter referred to as the site) belong to Fanda Management Consultancies Ltd (hereinafter Fanda), License number CL6272, address: Unit 316, Level 3, Emirates Financial Towers, Dubai International Financial Centre, Dubai, UAE.

A site is understood as a set of web pages at fanda.company (and its aliases) and subdomains, internal folders and individual pages (fanda.company/folder_name, fanda.company/page_name.file, etc.). Other pages are not part of the site.


The use of this site is possible subject to the acceptance of the rules, which constitute a legal agreement between the user and Fanda. Fanda reserves the right to change the terms of use at its sole discretion and in the manner established by the company. Fanda recommends reviewing the relevant conditions each time of the site visit.

It is implied the website’s content may be incomplete, inaccurate, irrelevant in certain circumstances. Fanda is not responsible for possible flaws or information gaps in the content. Fanda is also not responsible for any potential damage due to visiting the site or lack of access to it.

The content of the site is created on the basis of Fanda’s data. However, this data does not guarantee anything or is not an obligation of any kind.

Fanda has the right to make any changes to the structure and content of the site at its sole discretion. Fanda can stop the work of any individual element or the site as a whole. Fanda is not responsible for the timely update of this site’s content.

Fanda is also not responsible for the information presented on certain sites that will be available to users when they click on the hyperlinks used on the company’s website. All hyperlinks offered to users contain information relevant to a particular site but do not imply any agreement between Fanda and that site or its owners.

Any information about Fanda’s services or products presented on the site is not an offer. Any information about vacancies does not guarantee employment in the company.


The use of the Fanda website is governed by the laws of the United Arab Emirates.

Exclusive rights and use of site materials

This site is the property of Fanda. The site’s content is also the property of Fanda and can be used for informational purposes only. Any use of certain materials from the Fanda site implies the obligatory indication of a link to the Fanda’s site, as well as its name. Any use of the content of the Fanda site for commercial purposes is prohibited.

Any use of the intellectual property of Fanda without its consent is a violation of rights and will be prosecuted in accordance with applicable law.

Personal Information

Personal data includes any information relating directly or indirectly to a specific or identifiable natural person (subject of personal data).

Fanda is the operator of personal data. Fanda complies with GDPR, including all established requirements for the processing and storing of personal data.

To ensure the GDPR compliance, Fanda uses the following principles for processing personal data:

  • The processing of personal data is carried out on a legal and fair basis.
  • The processing of personal data is limited to the achievement of specific, predetermined and legitimate purposes. Processing of personal data that is incompatible with the purposes of collecting personal data is not allowed.
  • Only personal data that meet the purposes of their processing is subject to processing.
  • The content and volume of processed personal data correspond to the stated processing objectives. The processed personal data should not be excessive in relation to the stated purposes of its processing.
  • When processing personal data, Fanda ensures the accuracy and sufficiency of personal data and, if necessary, relevance concerning the purposes of personal data processing. Fanda takes essential measures to remove or clarify incomplete or inaccurate data.
  • The storage of personal data is carried out in a form that allows you to determine the subject of personal data, no longer than the purpose of processing personal data requires, if the storage period of personal data is not established by the federal Processed personal data are subject to destruction or depersonalization upon achieving the processing goals or in case of loss of the need to achieve these goals.

The rights of Users as subjects of personal data:

The user has the right to, inter alia:

  • withdraw consent to personal data processing;
  • request information regarding personal data processing;
  • require clarification of his personal data;
  • appeal against actions or omissions of the operator.

Requests for the provision of information about the processing of personal data, about their clarification, about the withdrawal of consent to personal data processing, as well as complaints about violation of the rules for the processing and protection of personal data are to be sent to Fanda in a simple written form to the address of the company. You can send a copy of the request digitally to hq@fanda.company.


To provide complete information and ensure its accessibility to users, Fanda constantly evaluates the site’s activities and improves this activity following international best practices in the field of information accessibility and usability.


Ease of navigation is one of the apparent advantages of the site. A high level of user comfort is ensured by:

  • ease of identification of section and page titles;
  • highlighting the names of the sections where the user is located;
  • adaptation of navigation tools to various devices (personal computer, tablet or smartphone with a touch screen);
  • clear identification of internal and external links.


Fanda utilizes user-friendly fonts and colour combinations on the site, including special features for users with visual impairments, including the zoom in / out function (activated with the combination of [CTRL] + scroll Up and [CTRL] + Scroll Down on the mouse wheel).

This function allows you to preserve the general structure of pages and the arrangement of elements on the site’s pages. The company considers the readability of the content a priority; therefore, the use of this function cannot guarantee the safety of the general structure of the pages. For users who prefer individual settings, the company cannot guarantee the full availability of the content.

Using different access devices and browsers

Fanda monitors the correct display of the site on different devices and browsers; however, it cannot guarantee identical displays of the company’s site. Some versions of browsers and devices may not support interactive elements and technologies of the company’s website; in this case, the replacement of the interactive content with similar content is not provided.

In case of difficulties working with the site, Fanda recommends using a different browser/its version or a different access device. Along with this, users can contact the company directly filling in the following form:

  • Full name
  • E-mail address
  • Inquiry
  • Device type (personal computer / laptop / tablet / smartphone)
  • Device model/specifications
  • Operating system
  • Browser and version
  • Screenshot
  • Confirmation of consent to personal data processing

Site availability and disclaimer

Fanda strives to provide round-the-clock access to the site but notifies that the site may be unavailable for several technical reasons or access to the site may be restricted without prior notice.