Sustainability & ESG Explore our ESG consulting and strategy practice

Our team of highly experienced and multi-disciplinary professionals provides comprehensive assistance to clients across a broad spectrum of ESG matters.

We are skilled in understanding evolving stakeholder expectations and successfully navigating the constantly changing landscape of sustainability practices and regulations. With a deep understanding of the opportunities and challenges of sustainability, we are well equipped to help businesses achieve their sustainability goals.

Through the expertise of our sustainability team at Fanda, we are able to provide a wide selection of services related to enhancing the capability of your business to improve on its sustainability actions. These services range from direct assessments and improvements to existing systems within the company; as well as support for adhering to various regulations, implementing new strategies and providing educational content through workshops and trainings.

Sustainable supply chain01
Our Services
Supply chain ESG risk assessment
Strategies and roadmaps to integrate ESG principles across supply chain
Supplier codes and other local documents
Suppliers’ evaluation systems and questionnaires
ESG due diligence in supply chain
Carbon footprint management and climate strategy02
Our Services
Inventory and calculation of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) (Scope 1, 2 and 3)
Carbon footprint calculation
Climate strategies and roadmaps, SBTi climate goals
GHG reporting and climate-related disclosures (GHG Protocol, ISO 14064, TCFD, CDP, IFRS S2)
Social impact measurement03
Our Services
Impact assessment of ESG projects and initiatives
Calculation of SROI (Social Return on Investment)
Measurement of business impact of ESG projects, initiatives, other activities
Green office04
Our Services
Advice on existing Green Office standards (WELL Health-Safety Rating certification, LEED etc) and best practice
Waste management
Sustainable procurement of office supplies
Employee engagement and education
Creation of relaxation office areas for employees
Programmes for burnout prevention
Digital promotions for strengthening inter-employee relations
Diversity, equality and inclusion (DEI)05
Our Services
Baseline assessment of the company’s current DEI landscape
DEI strategies and roadmaps, local policies
DEI programme implementation
Employee engagement and education