About Us

Fanda serves clients across emerging and established markets, in the Middle East and Europe, with advanced reporting, ESG consulting and corporate communications.

Fanda is well placed, and resourced, to partner corporate clients through every stage in their growth and development. Fanda’s in-house professional teams and propriety technology provide full service and support, from strategic insights to flawless execution.

Engage Fanda to…
…Advance YourReporting01
Fanda’s award-winning reporting specialists and sophisticated digital technology enable you to meet, and exceed best international practice.
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…Advance YourSustainability and ESG Practice02
Fanda’s ESG consultants guide clients through the complexities and the creative and production teams implement strategies that enhance your reputation and ratings.
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…Advance YourCorporate Communications03
Fanda’s versatile team and agile approach give you a whole suite of content, tools and channels to meet your communications objectives.
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Fanda facts:

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