Creating competitive advantage for our clients across our practice.

At all stages of work Fanda creates unique advantages for our clients.

Our R&D team develops proprietary digital technologies as well as harnessing best-in-class applications to deliver leading edge, bespoke solutions for our clients.

Traditional publishing

  • Design briefing tool
  • Layout automation tool
  • Online layout commenting tool

Web & digital publishing

  • Simultaneous release of reports in PDF and HTML formats
  • In-depth analysis of website traffic
  • Website commenting SaaS tool

Stakeholder engagement

  • Web-based materiality assessment
  • Customisation and personalisation of user interface

Digital reporting

  • XBRL reporting tool (SaaS)
  • XBRL validator
  • PDF — XHTML converter

Additional tool

  • HTML Diff Checker

And much more...

Right now our R&D team is developing new technologies and we will share new solutions and products soon.